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My Top 10 Worse Villain Meme by Bluesplendont My Top 10 Worse Villain Meme by Bluesplendont

Since I did a meme of Villains that I thought are totally badass, I thought I do a meme of villains that are. I don't mean bad like in they are awesome. I mean the kind of bad where they don't even serve as villains. Weak goals, weak plot, weak and annoying personality, and not all that threatening.

1. Professor Pyg: I don't know why the word "pig" is spelled with a 'y' instead of 'i' but besides from misspelling in the word 'pig', this character appeared in "Beware the Batman" on Cartoon Network over the summer and you see this villain and also listen to him talk, they acted like he was the main villain of the show. If it's anyone that should be the main villain when it comes to Batman, it should be The Joker. I'm not sure if he's from the comics or anything but I don't find this character inspiring of a villain, just uninspiring, unimpressive, and just not that threatening. What's so threating about a man wearing a pig mask? Plus, he talks like he's in a fairy tale story. When you come up of a show about Batman, have The Joker as the main villain.

(Okay, I've been hearing that Pyg isn't really a pathetic villain like I thought he was. So, I've misjudged him. I never read any of the comics. I thought this is was something that they've made up. So, I apologize to any Professor Pyg fans. I really do).

2. Bling Bling Boy: All of the villains in Johnny Test are bad but good lord, this one is not only one of the worst villains out there but he is annoying. One of those kind characters where he cannot take 'no' for an answer. I personally dislike people who cannot take "no" for an answer. They are nothing but trouble. You cannot be bothering someone with something until they give in. That's not how you get what you want. That's the category that this character falls into.

He has a crush on one Johnny's sisters but she doesn't have the same feelings for him. If someone doesn't have the same feelings for you, you need to back off and find someone that will have the same feelings for you or stay single. Most of his plans are not only terrible but he always include flashy bling on his weapons. Just a cheesy, horribly written out character.

3. Control Freak: If it's one villain from Teen Titans that I can pick out that I think don't even count as a villain, it would be Control Freak. To me, I don't think he counts as a villain. He's just someone that needs to turn off the TV and get out more often and start having a life. I just don't think he even counts as a villain. Just someone who spends too much time watching TV. I know too much TV is bad for you but this character literally lives around TV. The only cool thing about him is his remote where he can bring certain things to life, which is cool but when it belongs to a Couch Potato, it fails. He tries way too hard to be a hard core villain but he ruins it with has Fan boy behavior.

4. Mask Scara: I don't know what's worse? The villain or her puns? Both. Constantly making puns about make-up. Just because you add make up on posters, that doesn't make you a villain. Just vandalizing city property. Vandalism is not cool.  

5. Team Rocket: I remember watching Pokémon when I was a child in the 90's and I loved it. Team Rocket almost do not count as villains because they never had a winning moment. When they did, it never lasted. It's not that I hate them, I really don't, they almost don't fit in the "Villain" list. However, they come up with some interesting plots but most of the time, they come up with the same traps over and over again. Not to mention but hearing the motto and "Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!" every episode, it gets old real fast. It's like listening to tape recording that is broken and it repeats itself again and again.

6. Terl: From the movie "Battlefield: Earth", John Travolta protayed an alien named "Terl" who brags about how much of a skilled warrior and an execellect marksman. This villains is so funny that it's bad. All it is about this villains is not only stupidity but over the top goofy. Over the top acting, camera shots at an angle through out the whole movie. Teaching the humans how to speak their language, proving that humans can handle guns, and teaching them how to pilot their space crafts. They believe that it'll make humans better slaves but all it is a recipe for distaster. John Travolta just starred in a movie where playing as nine feet tall alien with an over the top behavoir just made him laughable. I never saw the movie but seeing him being silly was the proof that I needed.

7. Darth Vegan: Another villain from Johnny Test, this villain not only sucks but he is a complete rip off of Darth Vader from "Star Wars". Where Darth Vader was threatening and symbolizes fear, this so-called villains makes Darth Vader even more badass. If you want a good laugh, try this guy out. Again, all of the villains in Johnny Test suck.

8. Foxy: Oh my God, I cannot stand this good for nothing, lame excuse of a villain. Everything about this guy just makes me want to kill him. There is nothing about this villain that I like. He is the type of character that you are supposed to hate. This guy has no self-respect for himself. As soon as you say something bad about him, he falls apart. When you say something good about him, he's back to his annoying self.

There are a lot of villains out there that had self-respect for themselves but this guy doesn't have anything. Not just that, all he does is run and play childish tricks and that's how he wins most of his battles. I know that there are villains play tricks to mess with their enemies but the tricks that Foxy plays are just silly and childish. He also cheats his way around like most villains but this guy just does things to piss you off.
He brags about how powerful he is but how are you powerful when all you do is play tricks that are just stupid and unconvincing? The number one that I can't stand about him besides his tricks and his slow slow beam, it's his laugh. It doesn't even like laughter. All it is "Fefefefe" and whenever he does it, it just gets more annoying. He does it all the time and everything you hear it, you just want to punch your hand through the TV just to punch him in the face hoping to break his long nose in the progress. I could go on about this guy but I think I've said enough.

9. Amoeba Boys: These guys are just lame. They don't even count as bad guys. They just go for the small things and they call themselves 'bad guys'. Bad guys do really big things but these guys just do things that they think can make them villains. They're just wannabees. That's about it.

10. Scourge the Hedgehog: I know that this guy is in my "Top 10 MOST hated characters" meme but I also don't think that he even counts as a villain. I prefer villains that are threatening and give you something to be afraid of but I do not find this guy to be a threat, I just find him annoying and unlikeable. He is just someone that acts all cool and thinks he's better than everyone around him but all he is an self-centered, annoying, unlikable jackass that I could attach a mule's head on him and boom, instant jackass. If I could photoshop, I would do that but since I don't know how to do that, why bother? Plus, he is one of those types of people where he doesn't need anyone around him. He just goes around beating up people and it doesn't matter if they are on his side or not. With most villains, that's common but with this guy, I just can't put up with. Sure, people support "FionaXScourge" but I don't even support couples but if I could tell Fiona one thing is that "Staying with someone that doesn't appreciate you isn't loyalty, it's stupidity".

Why stay with someone that doesn't appreciate you at all? There are times when Scourge has abused Fiona and for some people, it pisses people off and I can see why. It's really clear that he doesn't know how to treat a woman and how to treat anyone like the way they want to be treated. Instead, he treats his so-called girlfriend like crap. Another thing about this guy is that he uses you to get what he wants and as soon as he gets wants, he just throws you aside like you were nothing and claims that you're worthless. Again, that's what villains do but the way he does it, Shit. Don't get me wrong, I never read the comics but I do know somethings about them.

If it's anything that's worthless is the person who calls everything worthless and that's what this character is to me. I know that some of you are going to say "Fuck you" or "Go to hell, you lazy, piece of shit" or whatever, I just do not like this guy. All he is Sonic recolored. Don't you think there's enough of that shit going on around here on DeviantART, folks? Recolored characters don't count as OCs.

Meme: Demitriamiriam-d

All the villains belong to their rightful owners

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Toonwatcher Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
Eh, I kinda like Foxy. The games in the Davy Back Fight were pretty fun to watch (most of them), and his Devil Fruit power is pretty cool.
deathbladder513 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014

Professor Pyg:

:iconlinkaraplz::iconsaysplz: Because poor literacy is KEWL.

KivaEnergyArms Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
Professor Pyg was the complete opposite in the comic, a psychopath who surgically converts people into living they had to tone him down for this horrible show.

Yeah, johnny test sucked.

I faved as soon as I saw Scourge on this list
Bluesplendont Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014

Yeah, I don't know much about him. He just didn't draw my interest.

So, I'm guessing that I've misjudged him?

KivaEnergyArms Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
In case of the comic version, yes. In case of the cartoon version, nope.
Bluesplendont Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Well, when I saw him in the show, I didn't find him threatening but by juding what you and some other person told me, he's really creepy. I didn't think "Beware the Batman" wasn't all that good. I didn't dig the design on the Dark Knight.

Well, I did said that I was sorry for misjudging him when I was editing this correct my grammer in some of my sentences.
GamerSlyRatchet Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
Professor Pyg comes from the ancient story of "Pygmalion", a story about a sculptor that fell in love with his own creation. The comics version of Pyg (yes, he's a comic book villain) kidnapped people and performed horrifying surgeries and experiments on them to create his perfect masterwork, the Dollotrons. He's a very creepy, unsettling villain in the comics 
mastergamer20 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
Nice job and those losers. ^^
Bluesplendont Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014


Out of all them, which one do you sucks the most?

mastergamer20 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014

Bling Bling Boy. Because he wants to kiss Susan Test. Yuck! :P

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