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Mechagodzilla's Eye by Ghostwalker2061

Whoa, just whoa. This is just cool. As if the original Godzilla inside of the machine without him being nothing but bones? Of course, M...

Three Hedgehogs Three powers by shallowdeepcreation

This is my first critique but I will begin by saying, you have talent. Anyone with a talent like yours, it's very impressive. You've ca...



Top 10 Hottest Animated Chicks (Remake) by Bluesplendont
Top 10 Hottest Animated Chicks (Remake)
I decided to do a remake of one of my 'Top 10' lists on certain females after some thinking when I came across some new female characters that gave me a lot to like about them.

Here's the original one if you want to see…

Some of the characters remained the same but there are differences of whose on the list and eighty-sixed certain character, either I don't find them hot anymore, they're unlikeable for some reason, or I wasn't into them like I thought I was. However, some of those characters are still likeable, I just felt the urge to do this.

10. Jasmine
9. Sierra
8. Lindsay
7. Marge Simpson
6. Nicole Lynx
5. Nu-13
4. Noel Vermillion
3. Rouge the Bat
2. Fiona Fox
1. Makoto Nanaya

Meme: Acaciathron

Characters belong to their rightful owners.
My Top 10 Favorite Video Game Characters by Bluesplendont
My Top 10 Favorite Video Game Characters
Okay, I was overdue for a 'Top 10' list.

'In order to enjoy the game, you gotta enjoy the character', is something that I' say because the main character is basically the highlight of the video game that starred in. There are a lot of video game characters that I like but since I can't add them all, I decided to make it down to ten, which is fair enough. There are three characters on this list and they're all from a franchise that I'm new too and needless to say, I like it for the characters that it had to offer.

One character in particular, I'm gonna do first. Counting down from 10, instead of how I normally do it which is '1-10'. Nope, this is a count-down.

10: Makoto Nanaya

Me: Blush :blush: remake 

Makoto: Come on, you can do it.

I'm going to be honest with this one, whenever I see this character, I start to going a little crazy and my face turns red. Ever since I had a little 'performance' back in May when I was at my friend's house, he selected Makoto as my opponent and when I saw her, I started to turn red and it was impossible to hide it. Ever since then, he had been teasing me with this character. He had been trying CONSTANTLY to get me to admit that I like this character....truth be told, I do.

Makoto is actually my number favorite female character that 'BlazBlue' had to offer and I actually enjoy play as her and she's a lot of fun. She's a 'Beastskin', meaning that she's a humanoid character with some animal features such as pointy ears and a tail. I always liked characters who are half human and half animal because I thought they were interesting and there's a lot to like about them. I've watch animes where characters were like that.

I still have a lot to learn about BlazBlue but at least I can do talk about this character. Makoto maybe a scatter brain but it when to her friends, Noel and Tsubaki, she puts on her serious face and turns up the heat. At first, she couldn't stand humans because Beastskins weren't very popular and she felt demonize for being what she was. When she first got to NOL, she met Noel and Tsubaki and she had a cold personality but when some students were picking on her, Noel and Tsubkai stood up for her and at the time, she was speechless. She got her suspended for a few days just to get away but Noel and Tsubaki wanted to find her, try to talk to her and make friends with her. They fell off from a cliff but Makoto used her tail as a cushion, saving them from death. Considering where they were, it was cold and both Noel and Tsubaki were freezing but Makoto offer her tail to keep them warm. At some point, Makoto fell into a flood of emotions and started crying but she was comforted by the two human girls. They were soon found and returned to school but they were punished for breaking curfew by cooking for the whole school. After that, Makoto revealed her full name and from there, they became friends.  

I looked her up on BlazBlue Wiki to learn more about her and was wondering if she had a nice personality or a bitch but thankfully, she's energetic and friendly. There's a lot about her that I like that it's crazy.   

Makoto: Alright, you did it. You made it through.

Me: Yeah..........

9. Ragna the Bloodedge: This is actually the main character of 'BlazBlue' and I will admit, I respect this character a lot and he's really awesome. There's a lot to like about Ragna and he's very admirable on many levels. Despite that he's hot-tempered and has a mouth that actually gives the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) a run for his money, Ragna actually does have a heart. He appears to be a bad person but he's really not. He also goes by the name of 'The Grim Reaper' and is constantly having the NOL and Bounty Hunters constantly trying to take him down because he's worth a lot.

When he was a young kid, he lived in a church with his brother, Jin, and a sister, Saya and they lived peacefully. At times, Ragna and Jin would fight because....brothers. Until one day, the church was burning down and Jin had an maniacal expression on his face and he nearly killed Ragna after losing his left arm. It was revealed that Terumi was there and took Saya away from Ragna. Left for dead, it looked like Ranga would die alone but it wasn't until he was found by Rachel Alcuard, would gave him a new arm. Ragna even trained with one of the six heroes and taught him how to use the Azure Grimoire (A.K.A) BlazBlue. It's power is unreal and he's one of the few characters who can use it but the problem is that he almost uses it too much. It's something that you'd use incase if desperate times calls for desperate measures and he'd use it if he has to. His weapon is known as 'BloodEdge', and it's his primary weapon. It's more then a sword, it can turn into a scythe and it's can be used for reaping. I can go on but there are other characters to go on.......

8. Nu-13: Okay, since the same person who teases me with Makoto and calls her my 'girlfriend', he actually enjoys this character. The reason why he likes Nu so much is because she reminds him of Rei from 'Evangelion' and I can see how. Nu is actually a clone of Noel. Whenever she's around Ragna, she has a voice of his sister and actually talks like a human. However, she proves to be a very tough opponent for him due to she's very capable of throws knives from long-range distance, conjure blades from both above and below. You name it, she's capable of it. She managed to fall into the cauldron with Ragna a few time because she wants to fuse with him and become one. The only thing that happens is that it causes a time loop. When she's not near Ragna, she no longer has that little girl voice and she speaks digitally. She too, like Ragna, can also use the BlazBlue.

7. Sonic the Hedgehog: I think I've talked enough about him. Sonic is just awesome and very fun to play as (Except in Sonic 06). Playing as Sonic can be a blast if it's a good sonic game.

6. Starkiller: I consider 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed' to be one of my favorite games and the reason why the game is good as far as story goes but this character is the highlight of the whole thing and you see him at first hand, you're in for a wild ride. At first, he starts off as Darth Vader's secret apprentice, who goes on secret missions to assassinate any remaining Jedi but it wasn't until he went combat with Kota, who warned him that Vader will betray him. Starkiller continued his missions but Vader 'killed' him when the Emperor came by, however, Vader salvaged him and told him that he needed the Emperor to believe he was dead. Starkiller rallied up the rebels to rise against the Empire but Vader used him and tried to kill him for real. Being betrayed was the last straw and Starkiller went after Vader; battled through Storm-troopers he did and he finally went one-on-one with Vader but after he defeated Vader, he went one-on-one with the Emperor and was able to defeat him. He got locked with force-lighting and caused an overload but he bought the rebels enough time to escape but in the end, he gave up his own life. Starkiller started off bad but he died as a True Jedi.

The made a sequel to the first game but the first one is better.

5. Isaac Clarke: An ordinary Engineer turned into a zombie-slayer. What was supposed to be a repair mission on the USG Ishmura turned into a nightmare. Isaac alone took on a horde of creatures, known as 'Nercomorphs', a HIGHLY dangerous breed of life form that only exist to kill. The source of those monsters was a marker, a red marker. When he encountered the Marker, it implanted codes into his head; codes to create another marker. Once the marker was destroyed, he fell into a coma for three years while 'EarthGov' experimented on him, using the codes in his head to create a massive marker. He came across a machine that gave him codes to destroy the marker, while running away from 'Ubermorph' (Or 'Hive-Mind Jr., as I call him) and fighting a manifestation of his dead girl who served as his guilt for not making up for lost time as it was discovered that his girlfriend had committed suicide. In the third game, he was a broken down mess who had lost everything and believes that he was permanently broken but it wasn't until that his new 'girlfriend' had been reaching out for him, calling for his help as it was discovered that there lies a planet where it served to be the source of the markers and it was a planet; covered in snow and ice but it lied ahead was a nightmare beyond anything that Isaac could imagine. He fought on a creature which was a 'Moon-Beast' and it had full intention on eating everything in its path and Isaac had to kill it.  

After defeating the monster, it was believed that he had died but after the end credits.......he's still alive.

4. Asura: This character is a 'Demigod', meaning that he's half-human and half god. Asura was once of the Eight Generals that led the Shinkoku Army, but was betrayed by his seven Comrades, who abducted his daughter, slew his wife, and left him to die. But even in death, he was filled with an indelible rage that led him back to the world of the living. Twelve thousand years have passed since that brutal betrayal. No matter how many times he dies, he keeps coming back and fights hard as hell to regain his daughter. Where he's from, the game is more like a movie then a game but it's done perfectly and it's visually pleasant to look at. You have to see it to believe it.

3. War: How often do you play a game where play as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Darksiders both 1&2 do it right. In the sequel, you are the pale rider himself, Death. But War comes first. War had been framed for the premature arrival of Armageddon and the annihilation of mankind. The falsely accused rider returns to a demon-infested Earth with his epic blade the Chaoseater in hand, in search of an answer that will ultimately allow him to restore balance between Heaven and Hell. War was confronted by powerful remnants of Heaven's army and endlessly pursued by tortured Hell-spawn in his quest. However, War will stop at nothing to reach The Destroyer and claim vengeance.

I actually respect this 'War' because he's all about honor and I respect characters with honor. He was actually fun to play as.

2. Luigi: You expecting to see Mario, did you?

When it comes to Mario, I like to play as his brother, Luigi because there are times when it's fun to play as the sidekick and Luigi is one the best there is and the same goes for Tails Fox (Don't worry little guy, I wouldn't forget you). I do play as Mario but sometimes, Luigi is more of a suitable character for me. That's just my opinion. I just playing as him and it's fun.

Honorable mentions:

Tails Fox
Nero (Devil May Cry 4)
Crypto (Destroy All Humans)

1. Marcus Fenix: We all have our number one ass-kickers when it comes to video games and this is the character that made me stay with the Xbox360 and 'Gears of War' is an amazing experience and I love it everytime. To me, it's one of the most memorable franchises that I could ever encounter and the memories that I have with the franchise will live forever. Even when the years go by, I'll still play the games. That's how much of impact it left onto me back in 2011, after I got my 360 for Christmas back 2010.

Marcus Fenix was once left to die in prison for disobeying orders but when it got worse, Marcus was released and charged with keeping humanity alive. He had even been promoted to Sargent and led the Delta Squad through their objectives in order to defeat the Locust and the Lambent (Glowing Locust). In Gears of War 3, he found out that his father, Adam Fenix had been alive for years and Marcus took it onto himself to find him. Once he did, Adam used his machine to kill the Lambent but his father was infected and he died in the process while the machine did its work. After that, Marcus finally killed the Locust Queen. The world was rid of the Locust and the Lambent for good.

All characters belong to their rightful owners

Meme: Demitriamiriam.


Bluesplendont's Profile Picture
Blue the Arctic Fox
United States
I'm Adam but I call myself Blue because I have a OC character who is a blue Arctic fox and his name is Blue. I like to draw because it's one of my favorite things to do and it helps keep me busy and it gives me something to do if I'm bored. As you can see in my gallery, I like to draw female character tied up and gagged but the thing is, I sometimes can't help it. Besides, certain characters in some shows talk way too much anyway and they need to button it. If I want to draw a character from a show, I go to Google images, type in the character's name, look for a picture that I like, and draw to copy it perfectly well by trying to draw it. Another one of my favorite things to do is cooking because I like to doing it. I want to be a chef when I get done with College and hopefully find a good restaurant to work at. I'm not gonna work at any restaurant, I would rather work in a restaurant that has lots of positive reviews and good food. I have some hobbies that I like to do. I do like to play video games and I'm a gamer. I like to play games that are fun and not crappy. Oh almost forgot, I do have three other OC characters but they are females but they look good in bondages. Lily is a squirrel, Katie is a fox, and Star is also a fox. Since I have finally figured out how to uploaded my artwork on this site, I can show you my artwork.

-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------Love and Believe
-------††††-------In Him

Okay, this was a long time coming. After I got done with Season One of this new-found anime, thanks to some friends who introduced me into it, I jumped onto Season Two, which is known as "Tokyo Ghoul: Root A" and needless to say, it's dark. I would really have to that it really gives 'Deadman Wonderland' a run for its money by a long shot. As much as I loved that anime when I first saw it when Toonami came back on May 26th, 2012 and it was great to have it back.

I finished it last night and I stayed up till 1:30 a.m. because as I got into the later episodes, such as episode seven, I got interested in the direction that it was going; instead of only watching two episodes, I stayed up late to see how the whole thing would end and I was not prepared for what I would come across. Out of everything that I saw, the BIGGEST thing that really stuck to me the most was the ending in the last episode; where Kenkai was carrying his dead friend, Hide, to the investigators. I was thankful that the song from season one was playing but it was tone down and it sounded very depressing and it actually fitted the mode of the ending of the episode. The English subtitles of the song just really pierced through my heart. Not that it was bad, I was just taken by surprise. With anything, 'Tokyo Ghoul' is filled with so many surprises that it throws you off ground.

I did enjoy watching this anime and I got into it after I finished watching 'Elfen Lied' because, '' said that it was an underrated anime; in other words, it didn't get enough attention nor the credit that it deserves and it was a trip after sitting through all thirteen episodes.

I only re-watched episodes one and two to refresh my memory on what happened so far on Root A. The ONLY problem that I have with Season two is the opening intro and it's one of those opening intros of any show that you would consider skipping. I only sat through it once and I tend to keep it that way. The song 'Unravel' from season one was incredible and so is the intro and with the intro, it gave you an idea of what the show is like and what you were in for. With season two's opening intro, it just feels tone down and something that I wouldn't bother. It's still the same with a darker tone but the intro doesn't help much. If it won't for that, I would've given 'Tokyo Ghoul: Root A' a '5/5' but instead, I give it a '4/5'. Not too terrible and it's still a great season but the intro just sucked.

To be honest, I would watch it again besides the moment when Kenkai fought Jason and won. The moment is awesome and it comes to show that 'Karma is a bitch'. It's funny how the table turns..............

I look forward to seeing more of it later on.

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