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Blue the Arctic Fox
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I'm Adam but I call myself Blue because I have a OC character who is a blue Arctic fox and his name is Blue. I like to draw because it's one of my favorite things to do and it helps keep me busy and it gives me something to do if I'm bored. As you can see in my gallery, I like to draw female character tied up and gagged but the thing is, I sometimes can't help it. Besides, certain characters in some shows talk way too much anyway and they need to button it. If I want to draw a character from a show, I go to google images, type in the character's name, look for a picture that I like, and draw to copy it perfectly well by trying to draw it. Another one of my favorite things to do is cooking because I like to doing it. I want to be a chef when I get done with College and hopefully find a good restaurant to work at. I'm not gonna work at any restaurant, I would rather work in a restaurant that has lots of positive reviews and good food. I have some hobbies that I like to do. I do like to play video games and I'm a gamer. I like to play games that are fun and not crappy. Oh almost forgot, I do have three other OC characters but they are females but they look good in bondages. Lily is a squirrel, Katie is a fox, and Star is also a fox. Since I have finally figured out how to uploaded my artwork on this site, I can show you my artwork.

-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------Love and Believe
-------††††-------In Him

Part 2 (I thought to myself, why not?)

As the battle between Scourge and Tails rages on, Fiona watches the fight while she begins to have a flashback in her head which ten minutes ago. In the flashback, she recalls that Scourge said to stating "I have no use for you. You've played your part. Now, time to go our own separate ways". When Fiona first heard that, she replied "How could you say that to me, babe?! After all the hell that I've gone through, this is the thanks that I get? After letting myself getting captured and helping you escape from prison and than all of a sudden, you're just blowing me off?!". Scourge looked at Fiona and walked up to her while placing his left hand on her face and whispered into her ear saying "This is who I am" and with speed, he slapped her hard.

Fiona fell onto the ground and rub her hand where she was slapped and screamed out "Why are you doing this to me? When I first met you, I thought you would understand me and I thought when I've decided to join you, I thought that I've found the right person to be with. Even if you are a bad boy, I still felt that was something in between us like we meant to be together". Scourge looked down on her with the look of disgust and replied "There was never anything between us. I thought that you would've realized that I never had single feel for you. I was just using you for the whole time. You're hot, I'll give you that but being hot and beautiful doesn't get you far. It brings you despair, suffering, agony, and finally, death." Fiona looked up to him with tears in her eyes and finally realized that not only she was with the wrong person but someone that never cared for her from the very beginning and at that point, what she was looking at demon with no remorse, no conscience, no mercy, just one thing to exist for and that one thing is to take over the world and kill everyone who dares to take him down. Scourge also replied "I hope that you now know that your pain looks like your pride. When you take pride into something, even with me around, all you get is pain. Pride is one of the leading causes of downfall and dear child, pride became your downfall". Fiona got onto her knees and a little drop of blood came from her lips, wiped the tear from her face, looked up onto to Scourge saying "You're no different. You're just like everybody else. You just pretend to be my friend so you can get what you want and throw me aside like I'm nothing! I've gone through that kind of shit my whole fucking life and I'm sick of it!!".

Scourge kicked her in the gut while yelling out "DON'T YOU EVER DARE TALK TO ME LIKE THAT YOU STUPID BITCH!!" which resulted Fiona being slammed down on the ground so hard that she spitted out some of her blood. Because of the pain, Fiona screamed with agonizing pain. When she screamed, Tails came to her rescues which ended the flashback in Fiona's mind. Tails continues to fight him but no luck on laying a single punch on Scourge. Tails was covered in bruises, scratches, and blood but he didn't worry about how serve his injuries were, he was determined to fight him in defending Fiona. " I don't care how many times you beat me up, I'm not going to give up. I'm not going to lose to fucking bastard like you, Scourge!" said Tails. Scourge laughed with disrespect and yelled out "I don't know you about you kid, but I'm almost starting to find you funny. And what I mean by "funny", I mean you are a joke to be a "Freedom Fighter". How are you a Freedom Fighter if you can't fight with your fist. You talk the talk but you obviously can't walk the walk. It is such a pitiful thing for you. Speaking powerful words doesn't win you anything. It just makes you a target of a predator such as I and makes you the prey".

Tails didn't care what Scourge said to him, he didn't care if he was stronger than him, he didn't care if this was his last night. All he cared about was defending Fiona Fox. It didn't matter if she went to the Dark Side, deep down, he sense that there was still some good left in her. Tails tried kicking him but Scourge stopped the kick, grabbed his leg and slammed him on the ground. With a smirk, Scourge grabbed with big, hard, blunt stick and walked back to Tails. Tails looked at him and tried to get away but Scourge pinned him down with his foot and started beating Tails with it. Fiona watched in horror and truly knew that Scourge was out to kill. With each beating from the stick, Tails could her his own heartbeat slowing down but he has taken so much damage from fighting Scourge. Tails looked over to Fiona and with a single tear coming from his right, bloodshot eye, he feared that this could be it for him. Fiona saw the tear from his right eye and realized that she needed to help him. Scourge lifted his arm with the stick in his hand yelling out "NOW YOU DIE!! SEE YOU IN HELL, BOY!!!". But before he could deliver the final blow, Fiona came running towards Scourge and slammed him in the face with a rock which resulting in breaking his jaws and his sunglasses.

Scourge dropped the stick and got the foot off from Tails, he spitted out half of his teeth and looked at Fiona with shock. "I won't let you kill Tails, you sick freak! For Christ Sake, he's just a child. He was only trying to protect me and you would go far enough to kill him!! You're not only a bad person but A FUCKING SAVAGE BEAST!!" Fiona screamed out with anger and disgust. "Get out of here!! If I ever see you ever again, I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

After that, Scourge picked up his lost teeth and took off running. Fiona ran to Tails while thinking (Please don't be dead) in her mind. When she approach him, she turned him over and placed her head on his chest. At first, she was beginning to think he was dead but she heard him breathing and she was in relief that he was still alive. Tails' vision cleared and he looked at Fiona, reached out his arm for her but Fiona stopped him and said "Please Tails, don't try to move. You're in bad shape. I've got to take you back. Back to the Freedom Fighter Headquarters, where we belong." With that, Tails close his eyes with pure exhaust while saying her name. Fiona picked up Tails and carried him back to the Freedom Fighter Headquarters.

When she approached the Headquarters, security system went off because she was an intruder but she had a reason. As Nicole looked at Fiona, she noticed that Fiona had Tails in her arms. When Nicole let everyone know that she was at the Headquarters, everyone thought that Fiona had attacked Tails but Sonic knew that she had nothing to do with it. Fiona placed Tails in Sonic's arm and explained that Scourge did the damage to him and her. She explained that she no longer wanted anything to do with Scourge because he tried to leave her for dead. If Tails hadn't shown up, she would've been dead. "I'm not expecting to be taken back after all I've done but if anyone of you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I would be thankful for it. But if you don't want me back, I understand". As Fiona down on Tails, Tails tried to say her name, begging her to stay. Sonic looked down onto Tails and watches his mouth move, he begged him to be quiet. As tries comes down from Sonic's face, he turned his back on Fiona while carrying Tails in his arms but just when Fiona thought that was being rejected as expected, Sonic stopped in his tracks and said "You can come back but I don't want something like this to ever happened to him ever again". Fiona looked at Sonic and Sonic turned his head back at her and said "He's like my brother and I don't want to lose him. I swear.......if Scourge does anything like this ever again, I will kill him". Fiona looked at Sonic and left a sudden when he looked back at her but that didn't bother her long, she just followed him into the informally to where Tails can get serious medical attention that he needed. At time passes, Tails sleeps in his bed, covered in bandages. Fiona sat next to his bed and all night, she slept by his side the remainder of the night. She place his hand in her hand gently and rubbed her head against it. "I'm glad that you never gave up on me, Tails. You were always there for me and I never knew it until what happened. You really are a sweet, special boy. I'm glad that you're back in my life" said Fiona.


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CastleOfDreams Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the fave! ^_^
Not bad. Not bad at all.

Yep. :nod:

I wonder if you'll do Sally again in another DID comic? Or Non-DID and in my X-Treme outfit.

I guess I wouldn't mind doing another comic with her as the star. Sure, I'll have in her your outfit that you made for her.
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Hey Blue, it's been a while. How's your artwork going?

I'm doing fine. I'm just checking things out.

I'm having more than one ideas in my head for my next artwork.


Cool to hear. :)

I wonder if I'll see more artwork of Fiona Fox or Nicole?


For some reason, Marine has came to mind. Someone different for a change. Don't know why her but she happens to be the next target.

There will be more artwork Fiona and Nicole later in the future.

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DCROSSS Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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