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Mechagodzilla's Eye by Ghostwalker2061

Whoa, just whoa. This is just cool. As if the original Godzilla inside of the machine without him being nothing but bones? Of course, M...

Three Hedgehogs Three powers by shallowdeepcreation

This is my first critique but I will begin by saying, you have talent. Anyone with a talent like yours, it's very impressive. You've ca...



Howling Wolf by Bluesplendont
Howling Wolf
This is the second symbol that I came up with for my group project.

'Howling Wolf Brew' is what I call it.

Both Yin-Yang and wolves are my two favorite things in life and I grew up with those two things.
Yin-Yang by Bluesplendont
Since I'm working on a group project in college, I'm in charge of coming up of logos and this was the first one that came to mind.

'Yin-Yang beer' is what I came up with. I emailed both symbols that I came up with and thought I share them with you guys.

Tell me what you think?
Lupe Wolf by Bluesplendont
Lupe Wolf
At the episode of, 'Cry of the Wolf', at the start of the episode, we see the wolves getting for battle with one of Dr. Robotnik's machine and I tried to draw one of Lupe's poses where  she was getting ready to run to get out of the way after screaming and said 'Watch out'.

I can't make this out besides that she's aware that things are starting to go down.

Lupe Wolf (Archie/SatAM)
Fiona Fox in anime form by Bluesplendont
Fiona Fox in anime form
I see it but I don't believe it.

This is my first time drawing a character from the Sonic comics and managed to draw her in human form. Of course, i kept her animal features, such as her fox ears.

I'm actually proud of this one considering of how it was my first time doing it.

Fiona Fox (Archie)
Art work (me)


Bluesplendont's Profile Picture
Blue the Arctic Fox
United States
I'm Adam but I call myself Blue because I have a OC character who is a blue Arctic fox and his name is Blue. I like to draw because it's one of my favorite things to do and it helps keep me busy and it gives me something to do if I'm bored. As you can see in my gallery, I like to draw female character tied up and gagged but the thing is, I sometimes can't help it. Besides, certain characters in some shows talk way too much anyway and they need to button it. If I want to draw a character from a show, I go to Google images, type in the character's name, look for a picture that I like, and draw to copy it perfectly well by trying to draw it. Another one of my favorite things to do is cooking because I like to doing it. I want to be a chef when I get done with College and hopefully find a good restaurant to work at. I'm not gonna work at any restaurant, I would rather work in a restaurant that has lots of positive reviews and good food. I have some hobbies that I like to do. I do like to play video games and I'm a gamer. I like to play games that are fun and not crappy. Oh almost forgot, I do have three other OC characters but they are females but they look good in bondages. Lily is a squirrel, Katie is a fox, and Star is also a fox. Since I have finally figured out how to uploaded my artwork on this site, I can show you my artwork.

-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------Love and Believe
-------††††-------In Him

There some games out there with music that's so good that they get their own soundtrack CD. Either these were good or not, the music was either passable or not. Here my top five favorite video game music.

5. Hero Unmasked…

The regular edition of Ninja Gaiden 3 is a flawed game and it's proved to be a brutal game. However, there's a edition called 'Razor's Edge' from what I've heard is better. However, the game maybe not be all that great but the music was really good. Hero Unmasked is one my favorites on the game. I may not have the game anymore but I still listen to the music.

4. The only thing I know for real…

I may not be a fan of Metal Gear because I am not very good at stealth but when I played Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, I was blown away when I tried this at my friend's house on his PS3. What I love about the game besides the game itself is the soundtrack. This game has one the best soundtracks you'll ever hear in a video game. It's that good. There are other songs that I really like but this song helps stands out the most to me. You hear this song when you fight 'Jetstream Sam' who proves to a challenging boss but rewarding. All he wanted was a decent, fair fight and you gotta respect a guy for that. Anyone with honor has my respect.

3. His World…

We all know the tragic story of the infamous 'Sonic 06' and how it's considered to the WORST Sonic game ever. It's not because of bugs and glitches, complicated story line, or even the 'kiss' close to the end. It's also because of bad decision when it came to developing the game. If you like that game, no judgment. However, the game is flawed but it does have a soundtrack that's really good. It was more successful the game itself. You know your game is bad when the soundtrack was MORE successful then the game itself. Anyway, 'His World' is actually a very good song and it fits Sonic very well. After all, it is Sonic after all.

2. Never Surrender…

Five years before Ninja Theory ever released that 'Slap to the face' reboot game known as "DmC: Devil May Cry" in 2013. Would it make more sense of it was just called 'Devil May Cry 2013?". However, I'm not talking about that atrocity of a game. Never Surrender from 'Devil May Cry 4' (my first Devil May Cry game) is somewhat of an enlightening song when you get to the second half. When you hear
get to the second half, it makes you feel good.

Imagine you find yourself being alone in the dark and no one can find you. You feel absolutely isolated but then you noticed a shine of light that's beaming down on you and than you feel a set of hands on your shoulders and it feels comforting. It just makes you feel like that you are not alone and there's always hope. That's what comes to mind when I hear the second half of the song.

1. Darksiders II theme by Rose Scythe…

From an underrated game by THQ (R.I.P), Darksiders II has an amazing soundtrack. If there was ever a soundtrack CD of it, I'd listen the heck out of it until it starts skipping. It's that good. However, this was never put into the game and it kind of sucks that it's not in there but hey, it's still a great game. Hey read this when you can go listen to the music yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about?

All the songs from video games belong to their rightful owners.

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