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Whoa, just whoa. This is just cool. As if the original Godzilla inside of the machine without him being nothing but bones? Of course, M...

Three Hedgehogs Three powers by shallowdeepcreation

This is my first critique but I will begin by saying, you have talent. Anyone with a talent like yours, it's very impressive. You've ca...



Part 1/4

The moon shines on a path where an Arctic Fox wanders on the path. The path that he followed was surrounded by trees, bushes, and little critters that crept onto the soil. The wind blew and howled with such powerful force and the wind blew away his scarf and got tangled up onto a tree branch. The dangled onto the branch and made whipping sounds. The Arctic fox climbed onto the tree and carefully retrieved his red scarf and wrapped it around his neck, once again. He looked up and saw the moon shining down onto him and as he looked at the moon, he had pleasant feelings from the moon as the light beamed down on him. Ever since he was a little kit, he always felt like that he had some kind of hope whenever he found himself looking at the full moon and the moonlight beamed down to where he stood. Whenever life seemed so dimmed and he felt isolated, he always looked at the moon whenever it was full and gains hope from it. No matter how life was for him, he always kept pushing and held onto what was dear to him.

He sat on the branch and admired the view that he was receiving and as he sat onto the tree, he reached into his pocket and took out a photograph. It was a photograph of two people who ever mattered to him. The photograph had a little hole on the upper right side of the photograph and was wrinkled up but he had always held onto it. Despite of everything that he had go through, he had always held onto it. The wind almost blew the photograph out of his hand but he held onto it tightly and placed it back into his pocket and allowed the cold wind to blow onto him. As the wind blew, he began to feel saddened because he had nobody to share the view with, nor the sight that he was witnessing. The clouds began to roll in and began to block out the moon and as the clouds rolled in, the fox felt a rain drop and at that point, a storm was beginning to occur. He knew he had to find shelter and wait out the storm, so he could resume his journey to find a way out of the woods that he stumbled into.

The Arctic fox fell down from the branch and landed in a brush and his face got covered in juices of wild berries but the rain washed it all off. As it began raining cats and dogs, he knew had to find shelter and fast before the storm got worse. Without knowing where his footing was, he slipped and sled downhill, causing him to go off track from the route that he had been following and fell into a large lake and the fox was now soaked besides being cold. He looked up and he saw a cabin and for that point, he had found shelter. It was unclear if anyone was home but he had to take his chances. He swam out of the lake and climbed onto the muddy shore, now covered in mud and even more soaked then ever due to his unfortunate swim. He walked up to the cabin, looked inside and realizes that it was non-vacant, like he thought but he considered it to be good thing because nobody would ever let someone in their own home given by how most people are these days.

He opened the door and was surprised to see firewood, oil, and some matches and those were the only things that he saw despite that the cabin was nearly empty. He threw in some wood into the fireplace, soaked them with oil and fire was made. He removed his muddy and wet clothes and hung them over the fire place, in hopes that they would dry and ready to worn again. The fox looked around in search of food but all he found was a loaf of bread but that didn't matter to him. As long that he had food, that's all that mattered to him. He wrapped himself in a blanket which had a red cross on it but the  fabric kept him warm and made him feel comforted. As he looked into the fire, he began to have flashbacks in his mind as the fire continued burning.

Two weeks earlier.....

Fiona: Hey you. I hopped that you didn't get into any trouble in there?

Sally: Knowing you, of course, you probably didn't? That's fine.

Sonic then came running to Fiona and Sally along with the Arctic fox.

Sonic: How did our new friend do? What's his time?

Fiona: One minute and thirty-seven seconds.

Sonic: Not bad. You're getting better but keep up the good work.

Sally: You ready to go back in?

The Arctic fox nodded, vertically, indicating that meant 'yes'.

Sonic: Alright. You'll do great. I'll be watching and see the action.

The Arctic fox went back into the obstacle course as the doors closed behind him. The timer began and he started running. The first obstacle was a fiery pit and the only way across was to swing from a chain. He jumped up into the air, swung across and landed perfectly on his feet and off to the second obstacle which had drones of Dr. Eggman that only served as an obstacle course. He jumped on the first drone and kicked it in the back and kicked the second drone in the gut and finally punched the third and last one in the face.

The third obstacle was laser beam dodging. The Arctic fox had to dodge ten laser beams without getting hit, at all. The first five beams were but the rest would come rapidly and become difficult but since he had done this twice, without getting hit. Three times in a row sounded like a charm to everyone but when dodged the first four, he got zapped in the back after performing a backflip. Thankfully, he was not shot in the spine or he wouldn't able to move but the ones who were watching were startled, including Sonic himself. However, the Arctic fox was still able to move on. The fourth and final obstacle was a wrecking ball simulation and all he had to do was dodge and wait for the right time attack and the obstacle course would be complete. After getting shot only once, this worried the little fox but he brushed it off and knew he could pull it off, once more. He dodged the first two attacks but he unfortunately got hit the third time and slammed into a wall. He looked up and saw the ball coming back and nearly almost didn't get out of the way, but thankfully he dodged the attack. He jumped up in the air and disabled the simulation and at last, the course was complete.

Fiona: Time: 2:35.

This made the Arctic fox feel discouraged but Sonic came down congratulate and don't let it get to him badly.

Sonic: Hey, now. You were great. You just have to keep trying and you'll get better. I know you will. Just don't be so hard on yourself.

Sally: He's right, you know. It would be a good idea if you got some rest and got that zap wound looked at. I'm sure Nicole will fix you right up.

Fiona: As soon as you're recovered, how about we do this again? Just don't get hit next time, okay.

End of flashback........

The Arctic fox curled up on the floor, still in front of the fire that he built. As he gazed into the beauty of the flaming element, he began to fall asleep. Completely exhausted and warn out, he fell asleep, and hopes to wake up to a clear day and resume his journey.

End of Part One.

Black Bat Doll by Bluesplendont
Black Bat Doll
First time I ever drew Black Bat (Rouge) either digitally or by my paws. Rouge was way overdue to ever be used in base and with certain humans putting her in a costume and calling her 'Black Bat', which obviously a parody of 'Black Cat' from Marvel.

No judgment because she does look awesome in that outfit..................Sweating a little... 

So, Black Bat is basically a doll in this base here. 

You know what this makes me think of...............… (nothing gothic but rather a timeless classic and one of my personal favorite Disney movies)

Base: Xxxdemonrosexx

Rouge Bat (SEGA)


Bluesplendont's Profile Picture
Blue the Arctic Fox
United States
I'm Adam but I call myself Blue because I have a OC character who is a blue Arctic fox and his name is Blue. I like to draw because it's one of my favorite things to do and it helps keep me busy and it gives me something to do if I'm bored. As you can see in my gallery, I like to draw female character tied up and gagged but the thing is, I sometimes can't help it. Besides, certain characters in some shows talk way too much anyway and they need to button it. If I want to draw a character from a show, I go to Google images, type in the character's name, look for a picture that I like, and draw to copy it perfectly well by trying to draw it. Another one of my favorite things to do is cooking because I like to doing it. I want to be a chef when I get done with College and hopefully find a good restaurant to work at. I'm not gonna work at any restaurant, I would rather work in a restaurant that has lots of positive reviews and good food. I have some hobbies that I like to do. I do like to play video games and I'm a gamer. I like to play games that are fun and not crappy. Oh almost forgot, I do have three other OC characters but they are females but they look good in bondages. Lily is a squirrel, Katie is a fox, and Star is also a fox. Since I have finally figured out how to uploaded my artwork on this site, I can show you my artwork.

-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------Love and Believe
-------††††-------In Him

Whoa, just whoa. This anime is like 'Deadman Wonderland' but completely different. It was an alternate world of 'Deadman Wonderland' but this one was just downright

my friend who I was hanging with today showed me episodes of this anime on this website 'Kissanime' where it allows you to watch animes both English dub and English sub depending on which anime that you're watching because they are some animes that never got English dubbed. Tokyo Ghoul is English sub, so I had to read my way through but I was mostly looking at the brutal image that I had to see and it was like 'Deadman Wonderland' on meth. The anime is bloody, and if you're a gore-hound like I am, you would get some pleasure but beware because there are a lot of gruesome stuff to it.

Season one only had twelve episodes that it was entertaining enough to sit through. I just finished the last episode of it and even though that it was brutal, the main character, Kaneki got payback on Jason and actually devoured him.

I basically found myself getting into it by each episode and found myself becoming a ghoul as well. My code name is 'Night Wolf'. Wear a mask of a wolf and the enemies won't know my identity. However, the downside of being a ghoul or half ghoul is that you can't eat human food because if you do, it will taste like sand. However, you can still eat human food, you just have to know how to do it. Basically, you have to chew a little and then swallow it.

Plus, you can still drink coffee but it won't be enough to please the hunger. When you become hungry, your eyes will turn black and red and it indicates that you are hungry and you need to eat flesh.

I would NEVER support cannibalism because it is wrong to eat another human being. I'll say it again. It is WRONG to eat another human being. I can understand that you do whatever it takes to survive but eating another person is something that I'll never do, even if I were desperate, I still wouldn't do it. It makes more sense to starve to death.

There's more to it then eating to live, you always have powers that actually gives the 'branch of sin' from 'Deadman Wonderland' a run for its money. For one thing, you can actually heal quickly, regenerate limbs, and you have supernatural powers.
I don't know where to begin with that one. I really don't.

To finish it off, it even has a great song known as 'Unravel' and I found myself liking the song within an instant.

It is a trip. If you wouldn't be interested, that's fine. No problem. Different people like different things and there is no shame to it.

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